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Zhen Yi Internatial Power Company Limited

The company has professional maintenance tools and talents to solve the problems of various brands of generator sets. In order to meet market demand, expand the scope of services, and open up the export market, in 2002, it spread to almost all parts of the world, such as the mainland, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh... and other regions. Therefore, even if you are overseas, you can also enjoy our most professional and appropriate services. Based on the principle of continuous improvement, Zhenyi already has a place in the world.

The scope of equipment operated includes:

Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas and other generator sets, cogeneration equipment, solar systems, high-voltage equipment power distribution systems, transformers, UPS uninterruptible power systems, voltage stabilizers and parts supply, etc. The models cover many models in Japan and Europe. At the same time, a large number of used and refurbished equipment and spare parts are stocked.

Services: Generator system planning、design、installation and maintenance.,Diesel power generation parts, maintenance, technology, service,Sale and lease of ship power generation equipment,Ship parts sales

Service Zone:China, S-E Asia, Others, Nationwide